Concours PURIFY


Concours PURIFY

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Concours PURIFY is an new innovative advanced clay lubricant.

Knowing that there are two main forms of paint decontamination (Chemical & Mechanical) we decided to develop a process where you can undergo both processes at the same time.

  • Helps Safely Dissolve Iron Contaminants & Fall Out
  • Enhanced with cleaners to help Safely break down waxes & sealants
  • Safely helps soften other stubborn surface contaminants before claying
  • High Surface Lubrication
  • Increases the effectiveness of claying
  • Cuts down the time needed to clay each section
  • Increases Paintwork Clarity

 Did you know that clay alone will not remove all contaminants?

Clay is an abrasive, coupled with a clay lubricant it can shave off contaminants off the surface. However, not all contaminants sit on the surface, some are embedded in the paint & extremely tough to remove. Not removing these contaminants can effect paintwork clarity & sealant durability. Using a fallout/iron containment remover beforehand is extremely important, but that is another step entirely.

While you are claying and using PURIFY as the clay lubricant, it activates and starts to break down iron contaminants safely, while helps weaken any waxes, polymers, bugs, tar, glazes & etc. Leaving you with a contaminant free surface, that you would never achieve from claying alone


  1. Spray onto the exterior painted surface
  2. Allow 30-45 seconds before beginning to clay
  3. Start rubbing the clay lightly back & forth working in small sections
  4. Let the product continue to react for 3-4 minutes in total.
  5. Rinse off product
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