July/August Special!

And here we are, a new financial year, a new special!

From only $500 inc GST, we’re offering a two stage paint correction! And the bonus? A free layer of CQuartz UK ceramic paint protection with a 12+ month life span. So you can get those wonderful beads and gloss, for free!

Is there a catch? No!

This package can take up to 1-2 days to complete and cure the coating.

By applying Cquartz UK to your vehicle you are giving it a sacrificial semi permanent glass layer that will give a gloss level that is unmatched by conventional polymer and organic wax based protectants. CQuartz will not simply wash off like traditional paint sealants and will in fact resist harsh chemical based cleaners.

Because of glass coating technologies unique low surface energy formula it is able to fill and level paint ridges which in turn gives the coating a "self cleaning effect" also known as the lotus effect. 

This means the coating actively rejects bonding of contamination and when water is introduced to the surface it carries the contamination off with it, this is also aided by the 110 degree water drop angle of CQuartz UK.

Additionally CQuartz UK will help resist scratching and minor marring both from maintenance washing procedures and in general driving use. With additional thickness on top of the manufacturers clear coat, UK has the ability to both resist and absorb damage that commonly occurs to vehicle paintwork. 

Make maintenance effortless, and keep your car looking great all year round. Enter the new generation of car care with Cquartz. 

Book today and have your car gleaming again!

pH: 0488 977 070


Terms & Conditions:

Larger vehicles will incur a 20% surcharge (Wagons/SUV/4x4/Vans/etc)

Package booking closure date: 5:00pm 31/08/19

Vehicles can take up to 1-2 days to complete