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BMW M5 Competition

‘The all-new sixth-generation BMW M5 is the fastest M car ever built by the Germans. And it's also, arguably, the greatest BMW ever’ - CarAdvice

It all starts under the bonnet, where lurks a reworked (read, more powerful) version of the outgoing F10 M5’s 4.4-litre twin-turbo V8. Power is up to 441kW (up from 423kW) while torque receives a 50Nm boost and is now rated at 750Nm, available from 1800rpm all the way through to 5600rpm.

What makes an M5 so special you may ask? Its just a 4-door sedan…

Ever since the beginning the M5 was the go-to ‘Business Man’ car. Offering one of the most luxurious interiors to make sure you can enjoy your fifth morning coffee in comfort. But, an absolute power-house to make sure you make that morning meeting, no matter how long you overslept.


This absolutely stunning example of the M5 Competition finished in Donington Gray Metallic graced our studio for our new car protection to make the clients life a lot more simplified. As who wants to spend too much time cleaning and detailing when you could use that time to really test out the 440kW V8? (Safely of course)


What did we do?

In this case we were tasked with the most amount of protection with in reason to cater to whatever life the car may have. Driving to and from work, the occasional spirited drive, highway travelling and maybe even a track day.

What we opted for that suited all of the above. A full paint correction to remove some minor defects from the shipping and handling process which truly brought out the metallic flake all through the BMW. This resulted in a substantial improvement in gloss and reflective properties.

To combat any nasty stone chips due to driving on the highway or a Sunday track session the entire front end of the BMW was protected with Avery Dennison Paint Protection Film, no stone-chip will ever appear on this M5. The package comprised of the front bumper bar, mirrors, fenders, bonnet and a few other high impact areas of the BMW.


To compliment the now beautifully finished paint work, several layers of Nova Pro were added. Which will make that Sunday clean as simple as a snow-foam and rinse (its really as easy as that)

Full interior treatments followed with the range of CarPro coatings. Leather, floor mats, carpets & alcantara protected to stop premature wear and to also fight against any transfer from jeans, food spills or any other nasties.


Last but not least, the wheels. I haven’t met too many people over the years that actually enjoy cleaning weeks of brake dust from their wheels. So this will be a thing of the past, two layers of Nova Wheel. Stopping that terrible European brake dust in its tracks. This also helps protect the gloss black inlays from too much contact, the less contact you have when cleaning. The better. This will keep them glossy and the swirl impact to a bare minimum.

If you have any questions or are interested in having this applied to your new pride and joy. Leave a comment below!