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BMW M5 Competition

‘The all-new sixth-generation BMW M5 is the fastest M car ever built by the Germans. And it's also, arguably, the greatest BMW ever’ - CarAdvice

It all starts under the bonnet, where lurks a reworked (read, more powerful) version of the outgoing F10 M5’s 4.4-litre twin-turbo V8. Power is up to 441kW (up from 423kW) while torque receives a 50Nm boost and is now rated at 750Nm, available from 1800rpm all the way through to 5600rpm.

What makes an M5 so special you may ask? Its just a 4-door sedan…

Ever since the beginning the M5 was the go-to ‘Business Man’ car. Offering one of the most luxurious interiors to make sure you can enjoy your fifth morning coffee in comfort. But, an absolute power-house to make sure you make that morning meeting, no matter how long you overslept.


This absolutely stunning example of the M5 Competition finished in Donington Gray Metallic graced our studio for our new car protection to make the clients life a lot more simplified. As who wants to spend too much time cleaning and detailing when you could use that time to really test out the 440kW V8? (Safely of course)


What did we do?

In this case we were tasked with the most amount of protection with in reason to cater to whatever life the car may have. Driving to and from work, the occasional spirited drive, highway travelling and maybe even a track day.

What we opted for that suited all of the above. A full paint correction to remove some minor defects from the shipping and handling process which truly brought out the metallic flake all through the BMW. This resulted in a substantial improvement in gloss and reflective properties.

To combat any nasty stone chips due to driving on the highway or a Sunday track session the entire front end of the BMW was protected with Avery Dennison Paint Protection Film, no stone-chip will ever appear on this M5. The package comprised of the front bumper bar, mirrors, fenders, bonnet and a few other high impact areas of the BMW.


To compliment the now beautifully finished paint work, several layers of Nova Pro were added. Which will make that Sunday clean as simple as a snow-foam and rinse (its really as easy as that)

Full interior treatments followed with the range of CarPro coatings. Leather, floor mats, carpets & alcantara protected to stop premature wear and to also fight against any transfer from jeans, food spills or any other nasties.


Last but not least, the wheels. I haven’t met too many people over the years that actually enjoy cleaning weeks of brake dust from their wheels. So this will be a thing of the past, two layers of Nova Wheel. Stopping that terrible European brake dust in its tracks. This also helps protect the gloss black inlays from too much contact, the less contact you have when cleaning. The better. This will keep them glossy and the swirl impact to a bare minimum.

If you have any questions or are interested in having this applied to your new pride and joy. Leave a comment below!


What are the different types of Paint Protection?

Paint protection has been around almost as long as cars have existed. There are several types of Paint Protection including Waxes, Sealants and new innovative Glass & Spray Coatings.

The first form of paint protection products were natural occurring waxes mixed with oils and solvents to create what we know today as a traditional car wax. These products are generally more associated with high levels of gloss, working with the paint to produce a warm, radiant wet look on the surface. They don’t tend to last too long, but give a complete aesthetic transformation. Waxes are very easy to apply, and are a great starting point in the realm of paint protection.


The next evolution of paint protection came in the form of paint sealants. These are more synthetic man made products that can vary quite a bit in their ingredients, but are largely based on what we know as polymer technology. To explain it simply, polymers comprise of more advanced multi-linked molecules than provide sealants with longer durability, whilst still providing high levels of gloss and slickness. Most sealants can be applied by machine or hand, and are an easy way to achieve a good level of protection.


The latest and newest form of paint protection are glass coatings, which can be also referred to as ceramic or Nano coatings. Once again, coatings can also vary in their ingredients, but for the most part, they tend to be silica based solutions that create a protective glass coating on the surface of the vehicle.

These Glass Coatings are negative in charge, meaning they don’t attract dust like regular Waxes and Sealants, and have a much higher repellency to water and contaminants. Their composition creates a much longer durability, resulting on average 2+ years. Their molecular structure also provides extremely strong chemical and physical resistance – mitigating swirls and scratches on the surface, whilst repelling even the harshest of contaminants.

Glass Coatings give a rich wet look on the surface, giving the paint more depth, and providing an incredible high gloss finish on any colour.

The emergence of glass coatings have also brought fourth Spray Coatings, which puts all of this new technology in an easy to Spray & Wipe product which can last up to 6 months. They can be applied to almost every surface of the car’s exterior and on top of any wax, sealant or coating.

Spray Coatings are by far the easiest method of Paint Protection, and are becoming more and more popular due to their simplicity of use, and impressive results.

Why should paint protection be applied?

Paint protection was designed to address the need for extending the life and appearance of automotive paint, which does require a little upkeep form time to time. The greatest benefit of having a paint protection product applied to your car is that it acts as a sacrificial layer to take the punishment of things such as U.V. damage, traffic film contaminates, and environmental fallout. So without this layer of protection, all those environmental contaminations would be directly damaging and wearing into your paint or clear coat rather than attacking that protective layer.

The other great benefit about having a quality paint protection product applied to your paint, is that it makes the upkeep of the vehicle far easier and a much more pleasurable experience. Water beads right off, and contaminants don’t stick to the paintwork as easily. This results in your car being cleaner for longer, and when you do Wash & Dry the car, it is so much easter.


Beyond that, the benefits of waxes, sealants and coating are that they also add to and increase the visual appearance of paint, in the way of amplifying gloss, saturation and depth.

There are an array of different forms of protection, with different benefits. In summary, Waxes are generally reserved for more of a show car, creating a high level of gloss. Sealants are a more durable version of waxes, giving great aesthetic enhancements but focusing more on durability, and Coatings & Spray Coatings are new forms of paint protective technology that encase your vehicle in a layer of glass, giving great levels of chemical/physical resistance and a huge aesthetic enhancement.

Purchasing a vehicle? Try this!

Everyone loves the idea of buying a new vehicle, whether it be a classic, a new daily or just something that you have had your eyes on for quite some time. Something to spend endless weekends tinkering with in the drive way, finding those new features you didn’t know it had or for our import friends - maybe some food from 20 years ago shoved into the seat rails! it can be a fun and daunting experience at the same time.

The stress of vehicle purchasing can be difficult, especially with factors such as finance, growing registration costs, maintenance it may need. Problems it may already have?! (Trust me, we’ve all been there, my current BMW proves that to a tee)

Here are a few factors that can make the purchase a lot smoother for you, some may be blatantly obvious and some you may have overlooked in the past. I’ll split them in to a few categories, new/used. Used will come at a later date, thats a big topic alone!

New Vehicles

  • Do your research! This is critical, not specifically on the make or model. This is usually well decided before you even walk into a dealership. But speak with your contact there, rather than just asking for specs, 0-100km/h times. Look into servicing costs, whats included in the warranty, does the dealer want to just up sell you on everything or do they have your best interests in mind? What are the finance terms?

  • Always ask for the best possible deal, there is always wiggle room on pricing. No matter what the vehicle may be. Look on carsales, gumtree, carsguide for the make and model with as close specifications as the one you have seen at the dealership. You’d be surprised how the pricing fluctuates around the country. Speak with your dealer about matching it, you could definitely save yourself a few bucks off the sticker price.

  • If you decide on a demo, look over the vehicle. This is definitely an obvious one, but a lot of things do get overlooked. Generally the demo has anywhere from 100km-2000km on the clock. Its seen some washes & details. Check the vehicle for any marks, anything covered up. I’d recommend speaking with your local detailer, get them to come with you for the inspection prior to signing any paperwork. Check over the paintwork, the interior. Is there any stone chips?Is there any scrapes on the bottom of the bumper bars? Are the door jambs or badges caked in polish residue? Are there any burn throughs from polishing? A quick 20-minute inspection could save you hours of headache, or your detailer days of pain!

  • Even for a brand spanking new vehicle, take your time to look over it. If you are wanting to go down the protection path, whether it be DIY or taking it to a professional, ask your dealer not to wash or prep the car prior to delivery. This can be a bit of back and forth, but it will make everyones life easier. Your paintwork will be exactly how it left the factory, you will be the first person to make any sort of contact with it. This may seem like a small thing, but buying a brand new car and your the first person to ever wash it? C’mon that’s a milestone.

  • Research again! 90% of this process is doing some googling or asking some friends and family. Things like window tinting shouldn’t cost $700 from your dealership.. Yes its enticing when its placed onto a finance deal making it an extra $4 a week or something. Look at local businesses, see what benefits they have and what will suit your needs. Most window films are very similar, but go with someone and a brand that has a proper warranty. One small recommendation is SunTek which has a true lifetime warranty. Rather than something overly expensive that boasts a warrantable film but you can only clean it with their $24 bottle of window cleaner? Same goes with any paint or interior protection, we have seen quotes of up to $5,000. For something that is done in the space of 3-4 hours? Talk to your detailers, ask them their opinion on what will suit your needs. How you will look after the car, how you will drive the day. At the end of the day its their job to help you reduce your time spent cleaning as much as possible.

no one wants to see this on a brand new vehicle…

no one wants to see this on a brand new vehicle…

This is such a popular topic, we will be touching on this a lot more in the future. Along with a good guide to buying used vehicles, along with some new how-to’s both in video and blog format to suit everyone. Some like watching, some like reading. We aim to please.