Ferrari 488GTB Maintenance Detail

The drool-worthy 488GTB is an exotic two-seater that's worthy of being celebrated with a poster on your bedroom wall


We get the joys of visiting this stunning supercar twice a month, making sure it stays looking fantastic throughout the entire year.

Maintenance is key to keeping any vehicle looking its best, whether its a half-a-million dollar supercar or just your daily commuter. Keeping on top of the vehicles paintwork is the best step to keeping it looking like it just rolled off the showroom floor, for your entire ownership.

Throughout the previous entries we have discussed how to correctly wash your car, whether to use iron removers or wheel cleaners, along with the benefits of a pre-wash product. Such as snow-foams and traffic film removers.

Since this particular Ferrari is covered front to back in Paint Protection Film as the owner spends plenty of time at the track, showing what a Ferrari can really do! The maintenance is both easier and slightly more difficult. Rather than having to ‘check up’ on smaller things such as swirls and any wash marring, we do need to pay particular attention to the edges of the film, making sure that there is no apparent dirt build up or peeling. As well as once every third or fourth wash, decontaminate the film with either a water-spot remover or iron remover (whichever is needed at the time) as well as topping the finish with something like Nova Jet, to keep the film as slick as possible.


Maintaining Paint Protection Films

Wether your vehicle is covered completely or just partial. These are our top tips for keeping your film looking the way it should for longer.

  1. Assess the film, just as you would your paintwork. Whether it be inspecting for any swirls, bird droppings, dirt caught behind the film or anything else that catches your eye.

  2. Start your normal wash process, wheels first.

  3. Snow foam time! To pre-soak the surface, loosening as much contamination as possible, to prepare for the contact wash.

  4. Contact washing - covered in our Professional Way to Wash your Vehicle

  5. Dry - with either your favourite drying towel, or warm-air blower (our personal favourite) for getting rid of water in those tight spots!

  6. Seal - We like to use either CarPro Elixer or Nova Jet, this is safe on all films, paintwork, plastics, glass, wheels and anywhere else on the exterior. Keeping the paintwork and or films, hydrophobic to make next time even easier!