“Are you insured to work on my vehicle?”

Yes, we are  fully insured with Allianz Insurance which doesn't just mean to complete detailing work on your vehicle but also to pick up/drop off from your premises (Home or Work)


“How can I pay for the services?”

We accept all forms of major credit/debit cards (Visa & MasterCard) and also cash & online transfer



“What is the two bucket method?”

As the name suggests, using two buckets. One containing fresh clean water and the other containing your shampoo solution.

Cleaning the car in small sections, then rinsing your wash mitt in the clean water to help remove any dirt particles within the mitt prior to dunking it into your shampoo solution 

Note- any wash medium that comes in to contact with paintwork, should not be used to clean wheels and visa versa, as the iron particles on your wheels will scratch paintwork

“Do I only need to wax my car once?”

No, it is good practice to maintain your cars paintwork and by waxing on a regular basis (as per the instructions) you can help to protect your vehicles paintwork from bird droppings, rusting and other environmental elements from eating through your paintwork



“Can I use the local coin-operated car wash to clean my vehicle?”

The wash brooms at car washes are generally very coarse and are typically made from plastic or boar's hair. Worst yet, is that you never know the condition of the brush before you use it - the previous user could have used it to clean wheels, undercarriage, trailers and wherever else without cleaning it for the next person.

Not being careful, can result in the car being smacked with hoses, causing marring and scratching, dings and dents from the broom itself.

To top it all off, the chemicals used at these car washes are typically not of a high grade, being overly acidic or caustic causing more harm than good to your vehicles paintwork.


“Whats a paint coating?”

Paint coatings are durable, long lasting, extremely hard alternatives to waxes, sealants and LSP's. Coatings themselves are neither waxes or sealants, there chemical bonds are completely different.

There are many classifications of coatings - either ceramic, glass, quartz and so on, which just characterises their raw materials to give them the super hard wearing hydrophobic tendencies. 

We don't believe in the "best" on the market term but we do know about the different benefits and requirements which is why we are a Gtechniq Approved Applicator. Being this we are able to help match requirements to budgets

Coatings eliminate the need to wax or seal your car on a regular basis and last anywhere from 8 months to 7 years depending on the product chosen for application.

They eliminate the need to spend valuable time washing and maintaining your vehicle as they stay cleaner for longer, with a safe wash practice they are the perfect choice for having a vehicle that is extremely easy to maintain and keep your vehicle looking newer for longer.